Sunday, September 12, 2010

Now I am sore.

I woke up this morning very sore. I didn't want to go for my walk/run. Then I got to thinking about Garrett and how much he loved me and that he wouldn't want me to give up. I need to learn to love myself as much as he did. I need to remind myself that I am worth putting in the effort to make myself happy and to give myself a chance at a full and healthy life.

So I kicked some butt today! I got on the treadmill, did the c to 5k routine and I did it at an incline of 4! I can't explain now much better I feel after doing it. The best part is I am not as sore as I was when I woke up this morning.

Here is to another amazing day tomorrow!


  1. Yay! Good for you. You are rockin' now.

  2. Way to push through! You are doing so well and I want to be better every time I read what you are doing.

    Have a fantastic day!